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At-Home Group Classes

A 40-45min Group Music Class for kids ages 4months-4yrs. 

Rock & Roll In the comfort of your own home (apartment) with a few close friends from around the block or down the hall.

These classes are a great way to introduce your little Rock & Rollers to basic musical concepts. (High/low, Fast/Slow, Loud/Soft) and allow parents to dance & sing along with their kids to classic artists & bands.

Rock&Roll B-Day Party

A 40-45min Rock&Roll B-Day Jam, I bring small instruments like tambourines/shakers, a parachute, a book (for a musical story time), and of course… Bubbles! Afterwards I’ll typically lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday at cake time!

B-Day Fun Level (%)

* * I play lots of classic Rock & Roll songs by legendary artists (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Fleetwood Mac,  Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, and more…) all while making them accessible for kids. I make sure we get everyone up singing and dancing, and typically adults have as much fun as the kids do. 

Musical HangOut / lessons

A 30min, Low-Pressure, and relaxed private lesson. 

Perfect for kids who are maybe a little too young to start learning chords/scales, but are fascinated/obsessed with guitar. 

We'll play some favorite songs, talk about parts of the guitar, and learn how to jam & have fun making music.


-About Me-


 My name is Nick, I am a singer-songwriter/musician here in NYC. I have been involved in children’s entertainment in NYC for about 6 years. I teach music classes at Mt. Carmel Pre-School, the 14th street Y, and at several other Pre-K/2’s programs/play-spaces around the city. The ages I usually work with range anywhere from 4 months to 4 years old.


My Philosophy

It doesn't matter if it's The Wheels On the Bus or The Rolling Stones, kids like music that's shared with energy, joy, and passion. Connect over the music you love, it never has to be more complicated than that.



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